Moonga or Coral is a sea stone found in the dark parts of the deep seas. A single coral stone is puffed up with immense energy – what to say about the power coral Mala then. The red coral rosary is used to worship or chant the Mantras of Lord Hanuman, Ganesh & Lakshmi. It gives everything a man desires, such as love, health, wealth, richness, good/attractive physique, achievements, honour, paraphernalia, good married life, and pleasures.

Formation of Moonga Mala:
  • Moonga Mala is comprised of original red coral stones.
  • The number of stones in the Moonga Mala is 108.
  • All the corals used in the Moonga Mala are 100% organic, original & authentic.
  • For beautification, a coloured fringe is joint at the bottom of the Moonga Mala.
Benefits of Moonga Mala:

The benefits of wearing a Moonga Mala are countless, yet some assured benefits experienced by people are shared below:

  • It exalts the planet, Mars; also, it lessens the malefic effects of the planet Saturn.
  • It creates a powerful layer around that any negative energy cannot pierce.
  • It prevents miseries, failures, poverty, diseases, accidents, and mishappenings.
  • It protects & helps to defeat enemies.
  • It stimulates masculine power & qualities.
  • It makes your personality appealing & powerful.
  • It makes you brave, confident, courageous & initiative.
  • It makes you fearless & confronting, thus, improving your ability to present yourself.
  • It makes you skilful, confident & expressive.
  • It fills you up with valour and force.
  • It guides on how to channelize inner fire and anger.
  • It boosts your physical & mental stamina.
  • It motivates you to take action and achieve your goals.
  • It helps you achieve materialistic desires, gain wealth, and achieve status in life.
  • It ensures success & rapid growth in business & career.
  • It never puts you in debts and gives you financial stability.


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