Muhurata for Marriage By Best Astrologer In India

Muhurata for marriage is essential to get an auspicious time and date for a happy marriage. Shubh Muhurat or auspicious time for marriage considered as a key deciding factor for wellbeing of bridegroom and their upcoming happy and peaceful marriage life.

Shubh Muhurat for marriage  falls on various months and in some months there may not be any muhurat for marriage. Nakshatra for auspicious marriage is also studied while analyzing the dates for marriage.

In your Astrology-report, you get to know:

  1. Description & details of planets affecting your horoscope; Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu & Ketu.
  2. Planetary details of both partners including all shodashvarga.
  3. Combinations & Yogas of planets like Sun-Saturn-Mars & their impact on your married life
  4. 6 auspicious dates suitable for marriage which is calculated after Tribal Shuddhi & Dus Dosha Vichar.
  5. Time for Solemnization of marriage as per Lagan Shuddhi for all 6 auspicious dates.
  6. Remedial if the marriage mururata is taking place in Poojakaraka month.


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